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Shijyuku FreeSchool TRANSIT campus Shijyuku FreeSchool TRANSIT campus is the alternative school for students who refuse to attend ordinary school programs. Shijyuku FreeSchool TRANSIT campus is located in Joto-ku in Osaka city. Shijyuku FreeSchool TRANSIT campus has a concept of “Learning English, Playing with English and communicate with other country people in English and understand each other.” Almost all students have some problem about interpersonal relationships in their school. That is the reason why they cannot go to school at all. In most situations, they don’t have any friends and someone to tell their problems to, and finally they get be a recluse… There are many friends whose situations are very similar with you in here. You may feel the loneliness as tough, and then you feel like crying. But don’t worry about it. Here in Shijyuku Free School TRANSIT campus has many friend whose situations are very similar with you! Laughing […]



まずは見学・面談から。無料体験入学も随時受付中です。いつでもご連絡ください。志塾フリースクールがどんなところか気になった方は、ぜひFacebookやInstagramで最新の活動をご覧ください。 もしご本人の外出が困難な場合は、スタッフがご自宅までお伺いしてご本人とお話することも可能です